Today, I want to share some insights from a project I’ve been working on, targeting power management in hardware design. I’ve created an evaluation PCB for the LTM4644 PMIC (Power Management IC) by Analog Devices.

📊 Quick Specs:

1️⃣ Outputs: 4A each, combinable to 8A, 12A, or 16A.

2️⃣ PCB: 4-layer for noise isolation and thermal balance.

3️⃣ µModuile Package: Small 9x15x5mm BGA, with a friendly 1.27 mm pad pitch, making it as easy to solder as a SOIC14 or SOIC16 package.

LTM4644 PCB board manufacturing
LTM4644 PCB board manufacturing
LTM µModule PCB