You can hire me for project-wise cooperation or a long-term development job. Each development project starts with a project proposal document and price proposal. I will create both. Those documents provide a needed project frame and set the main pillars of the project.

Typical design process

Typical project process
Typical project process

My hourly rate starts at 40 EUR (without VAT) and depends on the project format and the design work.

HW review

The Hardware review job is the overall design check. There are three levels of how deep the review reaches. There are project phases where the Hardware review is the most beneficial. Regarding the picture „Typical project process“ above, Milestone A, B, and C are the crucial points to put another pair of eyes on the design.

Milestone A is the schematic completion point. All features of the device should be supported. Another part leading to Milestone B deals only with PCB layout; thus, the schematic correctness is highly important here. Any schematic change influences the PCB layout consequently. Milestone C is the „project finished“ point. Again, the correctness of both schematic and PCB layout determines the prototype batch quality. Even the smallest mistake takes its direct price – your time and money.

There are 3 levels of HW review:

Complete schematic check – signal interfaces, overall functionality check

Complete schematic check + component parameters check + deep datasheet check

Schematic + Datasheet check + PCB layout check including SI and PI, EMC and DFM check