👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻 I will make a Review of your design – to save your money

The HW review contains:

1️⃣ Components pinout check

2️⃣ Components footprint check

3️⃣ Components part number check

4️⃣ Functionality check and mutual interconnection analysis

5️⃣ PCB layout check with a focus on power and signal integrity

6️⃣ Tips and recommendations

Schematics – I will carefully check all schematic drawings of your design and verify the designed features of your product.
✔️ I will focus on designed signal and power integrity
✔️ I will focus on proper interconnections
✔️ I will check all IC footprints

Layout – I will carefully check the overall quality with a strong focus on DFM
✔️ I will focus on the PCB layout
✔️ I will check the PCB layout from the signal and power integrity level
✔️ I will double-check all IC footprints
✔️ I will dig into your PCB layout as much as possible

Outputs are always summarized in a readable and clear document
✔️ proposals and well-described improvement tips
✔️ lists of all features checked and marked with semaphore colours with proposed modifications

Náhled na zpracovávanou dokumentaci
Náhled na zpracovávanou dokumentaci
HW review