🎯 85% of my HW review customers return for another project HW review—a well-done job message to me.

🎯 66% of my HW review customers ask me to implement the design changes addressed in the HW review.

A simple statistical report. A clear message, I believe.

The HW review covers:

1. Components pinout check

2. Components footprint check

3. Components part number check

4. Functionality check and mutual interconnection analysis

5. PCB layout check with a focus on power and signal integrity

6. Tips and recommendations

The output is a well-commented HW review report document with 🔴 🟠 🟢 semaphore-coloured findings and items checked.

For the price quotation, I always need a project description, better a pdf export of the schematics to know the size of the project and its complexity.

🔐 A signed NDA is a common condition for my customers.

Hardware review service
Hardware review service
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