⏮️ About two decades ago, a university seminar opened a door for me. It wasn’t just any seminar, but one focused on #CPLD devices and the intricacies of hardware description languages. Armed with this knowledge, I embarked on a project that saw the birth of a simple SPI-compatible CPLD device designed specifically for capturing and storing the position of an incremental rotary sensor.

⏩ Fast forward 20 years and the details from that seminar have faded from memory, much like the intricate nuances of a complex algorithm once written and then forgotten. However, the passion hasn’t dimmed.

It’s time for a deep dive back into the world of programmable devices. For anyone considering adding FPGA to their skillset, remember, that it’s always possible to revisit or start anew.

iCE40-HX8 devkit
iCE40-HX8 devkit
My personal journey back to FPGA