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If you are looking for a small-signal MOSFET with a linear transfer characteristic, you should focus on MOSFETs specifically designed for analogue applications. These devices usually have better linearity compared to their digital counterparts.

Some key features to look for when searching for such MOSFETs are:

1️⃣ Low threshold voltage (Vth) variation concerning temperature and manufacturing process.

2️⃣ Low drain-source on-resistance (Rds(on)) to minimize power loss and increase efficiency.

3️⃣ Good transconductance (gm) linearity for better signal integrity.

Although it’s difficult to recommend a specific MOSFET without knowing your exact requirements, you might want to consider the following MOSFET families for analog applications:

👉 Linear Systems‘ LSK and LSJ series: These devices have low-noise and low-capacitance characteristics, making them suitable for a variety of high-performance analog applications.

👉 Infineon’s BSSXXX series: These MOSFETs are designed for low-threshold applications and have a relatively linear transfer characteristic.

👉 NXP Semiconductors‘ BFXXX series: These devices are specifically designed for linear and switching applications.

Keep in mind that no MOSFET will be perfectly linear, but these options should provide better linearity compared to general-purpose MOSFETs.

You will need to consult the datasheets and select a device that meets your specific requirements in terms of voltage, current, and package. Additionally, you may want to simulate your circuit with the chosen MOSFET to verify its performance and linearity in your specific application.

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MOSFET components
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